Principal’s Message

Felicia Cook, Principal

With a humble and sincere heart I am one who would like to thank all who have helped this awesome school serve a diverse population of extraordinary talent, skills and above all, an attitude of “Greatness”.   All that are here –be it staff, students and parents- know how to make people feel welcomed and a part of something. The acclaimed and notable performing arts academy has consistently worked with the community to offer the best performances from dance, choir, drama and our very own ‘drumline”.  What is so amazing about this place is that no matter what the issue we want the very best for the students.  When I arrived here on October 14, 2014 there was very few activities but now we have various after-school events where our students have the opportunity to receive more enrichment through tutoring, SWAG, 21st century, Parks and Recreations, Sports and Culinary arts.

I am so happy to be a part of something wonderful.  With the help of a vested and dedicated staff I have seen this place transform from a dull, isolated institution to a vibrant, energetic place where students feel free to learn and thrive. Just like the eagle we stay the course and continue to focus on the greater good.  The teachings are provided by those who believe in our students each day.  The message that is constantly reverberated is that “good” is good enough; we strive toward being “Great” by exceeding the expectation.

Now as we soar and move toward another mission; I want to instill into all our scholars that “Intelligence plus character–that is the goal of true education.” (Dr. Rev. Martin L. King, Jr.). Student’s success requires a plan and a drive to make it happen and I have seen this firsthand where John R. King have taken a little of nothing and made it a huge something. That is what scholars do…they make no excuses they fulfill their dreams.