Cooperative Learning


What can we learn when we study the Earth, Sun, the Moon and the Planets?

Third-graders in Mrs. White-Berry’s classroom had the opportunity to explore our Universe while working in Cooperative Learning Groups. All students participated in a productive part while completing a Planet Research Report, and all students created an independent project of their choice and performed in the Fine Arts. After experiencing the facts of this unit, these-third graders indeed felt like Stars. Their work is on exhibition on the second floor classroom level at John R. King. Just knock on classroom door 201 or attend the Annual Concert if you wish to sing along and have some fun!

Stars in the Solar System

Team Mercury-Journey Miles, Payton Doyle, Sherrill Cain; Team Venus-Lamont Bender,; Team Solar Earth- Elayna Gilbert, Marlaja Tyne, Shamiyah Coleman; Super Mars-Amir Neal; Meltrez Davis, Jaylin Joiner; Team Jupiter-Larry Moss, Jadon Thompson, Micol Jones, Jaden Clark; Team Saturn- Ronald Gregory, Khamari Stephens; Team Uranus-Kimora Dickerson, JahNez Brown; Super Blue Planet-SaMyra Woodruff, Angel Derrico

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